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CITY OF ANGELS: Petra Collins for Rookie

To see the entire set, head over to Rookie Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of shooting with one of my favourite Toronto-based photographers, Petra Collins, for one of my favourite online endeavours, Rookie Magazine, run by my teenage idol, Tavi Gevinson. Petra and I crossed paths back in October when I lurked in [...]

NEW.MUSIC.LIVE / Life Through Instagram

About a month ago, Bianca and I had the opportunity to film a lil segment for Much Music’s New.Music.Live. Though we’re really no strangers to the camera (wahhh), filming for television was a completely different and surreal experience for both of us. I spent the last couple of weeks eagerly anticipating the final edit, and [...]

florida photo diary

As promised, here is a collection of incoherent photos from my trip to Florida. They’re not nearly as fashion-y as much as they are stupid, but hopefully the handful of Harry Potter insignias are enough to keep you interested. From top to bottom: Beach at sunset, Marcel the monkey, the walk, burritos for dinner, tacky [...]


Getting my makeup done with Liliana from Phoenix Beauty Lounge earlier this month… Photographed by Svetlana Zaicenco Photos from our photoshoot to come soon :)

inventory / happy thanksgiving

The timing of this post is a pathetically accurate representation of modern day consumer culture and human-kinds inherent and conscious efforts for the acquisition of an excessive amount of material goods. I’m not even going to try and justify my actions because I’m well aware that I am the epitome of a Westernized chump caught [...]

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