Monthly Archives: August 2011


On a scale of one to excited, I’d say that I was pretty much really excited when I acquired this H&M dress on my most recent (unnecessary) shopping excursion. That was, until, I realized that it is basically a nightgown/bathrobe/hospital gown hybridity disguised as a trendy kimono. Unfortunately for me, when I deliriously dragged myself [...]

k&p x alice xue

I’m well aware that eager beaver Bianca posted about our shoot with Alice Xue last night, but I figure that sharing old news is better than not sharing the news at all, so here it is!!!! Or rather, here it is quoted from Bianca’s blog because I’m too lazy to paraphrase. And actually, ignore the [...]


Blending into walls again, as I most always do. Spent my day hanging out in malls like a classy lady; spending money I don’t have & gossiping about frivolous things that are probably uninteresting to everyone but myself and my buddy Maegan. Forgot to take these pictures until the very end of the day, (hence [...]


I’ve been adamant for the past few years that my least favourite colour is purple…so no one was more surprised than me when I let Bianca and Justin convince me to manic panic my hair purple. Aritzia top and shorts, Bracelets from H&M/Forever 21/Aerie, Target necklace My fingers are crossed that as the colour continues [...]

pile of pseudo logs

Woke up at the crack of dawn this morning to take care of some very exciting business with Bianca…part of which may or may not have involved multiple outfits, a bag of shoes, and a familiar (and very talented) friend. Afterwards, my twin and I wandered around looking for a Starbucks before giving up and [...]

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