Monthly Archives: October 2011


To start another blog post about how much I hate school is probably completely unnecessary and redundant, but I feel the need to emphasize how the next two weeks of my school life/life in general is going to be brutal. In fact, I’ve already began to input how many hours of sleep I’m allowed to [...]


Thought it would be ideal to take pictures in front of some trees because sometimes it’s really entertaining to have your hair blend into your surroundings. I’d like to think that if you squint hard enough, it looks like my head and body aren’t attached…but upon further contemplation, I figure suggesting such a thing is [...]

cicadas and gulls

When I discover an album that I like, I listen to it until I can’t stand listening to it anymore. Currently, said album is ‘Metals’ by Feist. Since I spend the majority of my time on a computer, (for those who don’t know, I’m studying [graphic] design in school), I usually opt for something mellow [...]


Hi everyone, lengthy hair post about my lengthy hair ahead! If you don’t give a shit about my hair, please skip ahead to the plethora of pictures that I’ve painstakingly edited. Editing photos has really never been my forte, and the sheer fact that I have 9 is a milestone in itself. Ok. Well. Hair. [...]

stay golden

Ventured downtown for the first time in months to do some aimless Club Monaco stalkage. Came home empty handed and proceeded to stay up until 5 in the morning finishing up my annotated bibliography (which doesn’t really feel like a fair tradeoff, but whatever). Super relieved that it’s finally been put out of it’s misery, [...]

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