Monthly Archives: March 2012


Appropriately deemed “the gorilla”, this coat was purchased at Zara during my escapades in Florida earlier this month. The store had no less than like…a million of them…so I figured I’d do everyone a favour and shell out some petty change I had lying around/sacrifice half of my luggage space to bring it home. I [...]

moving forward

Hi all! The following pictures have been sitting on my camera’s memory card for the past 1.5 weeks because I’ve been too preoccupied with school to actually update this blog. I realize that this is not at all new information, but I’m literally in the final stretch (another 2 weeks until freedom begins to beckon [...]

pajama days

Lined up for 9 hours outside the Eatons Centre to shop Marni at H&M. Managed to get everything I wanted, (including this PJ top…and the matching shorts), and don’t regret a thing!!! Considering my undying love for H&M, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I delight in the announcement of any collaborations. And, as a [...]

sometimes we make videos

After an incredibly long Kastor & Pollux hiatus, Bianca and I decided the best thing to do to reconnect with y’all was the creation of a really informative video. Although we love what we do, part-time jobs and demanding educations often causes external ventures like K&P to fall a bit short. HOWEVER, with about one [...]


Coming back from Florida and essentially going directly to school was possibly one of the most depressing things to be faced with on a Monday morning. I stayed over at Amy’s house on Sunday night after arriving back in Toronto on the Greyhound, but had many difficulties shutting my suitcase when it came time to [...]

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