Combining architectural elements with ~high fash fun~, Messeca NYC pretty much encompasses all the reasons why Bianca and I wish we weren’t still hangin’ out in the little ol’ T-dot. With that said, having the opportunity to associate ourselves with such an awesome brand as guest bloggers has truly been a pleasure…and I strongly encourage you to peruse their products (available pretty much all over the internet), or at the very least read our contributions to their blog!!! (if you haven’t already).

About halfway through our series, “Kastor & Pollux: An 8 Step Cross-Coordination Program”, each guest blog post pretty much acts as a step-by-step guide to aid you and your best friend in various cross-coordination endeavours. And although we understand your best friend may not be as accepting of your weirdness as we are, we feel like dressing activities such as these are great bonding experiences that have the potential to NOT ONLY bring you closer together, but ALSO make you visually cohesive.

So without further ado, clickclickclick away at the following banners (which, just like Bianca and I, are also visually cohesive). It is times like these when I thank my lucky stars for paying over 9k a year for a graphic design education. Ha. Ha. Jokes.

And while you’re doing that, also check out this fun collage that I made of my favourite Messeca shoes that you should probably buy immediately.

1) LENNI  /  2) ANDI  /  3) ARTHUR  /  4) SASHA  /  5) MADISON

If you’ve done the above things, I give you permission to leave.


Check out Messeca…because we love them and you should too. If you feel like I’m lying or being overenthusiastic of my luvvvv, just take a moment and consider why on EARTH Bianca and I would waste our favourite past-time on a brand we didn’t love?

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  1. Posted September 11, 2012 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

    Wow, so adorable ! Love where the wild things are and counting sheep the best!

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