As you may have noticed, I fixed my roots recently :’). For the weeks leading up to my hair appointment, I spoke about how excited I was to finally acquire my short, cute, completely bleached pixie to essentially anyone who would listen.

Obviously I knew the *risks* involved with bleaching the absolute shit out of my hair…but I figured that YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE and stuff. Unfortunately, after leaving the salon, I was more than a little sad. Yes, I had my cute little blonde pixie, but the ends of my hair were essentially FRIED, and my roots were still not as light as the rest of my hair. Believe me, if I wanted to turn a blind eye to the state of damage my hair was in it was impossible…because everyone from the salon was slapping my wrists for allowing it to get to this state.

I realize I am speaking in past tense (like my hair isn’t currently friend…because it is), but it’s only because I’m a little bit in denial. For one, it takes my hair about 6 hours to completely dry after showering (which I am convinced is unethical on many levels), and secondly, it makes me feel bad about myself because I feel like I have a dead animal carcass on my head!!!

So my question today is…what are your favourite home remedies for dead hair? Is there anything that I can do to resuscitate my locks into a semi normal and not fried state? Or am I SOL? Please tell me.

Regardless, the entire point of those manymanymany paragraphs, was to explain why I am wearing this hat.


H&M hat and pants, Topshop knit, Agyness Deyn x Dr. Marten boots

Also, can we talk about these boots for a second? Platform and patent = perfection. Also, Miley Cyrus owns them, SO….


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    I also have naturally jet black hair, & so when I wanted to get it dyed I specifically chose NOT to get it bleached- instead I had to sit in a salon for 10 hours so they could gradually lighten my hair one shade at a time. It was time consuming, yes, but this does also prove that those of us with dark hair CAN get it dyed WITHOUT the need for bleach =]

    I’m not quite sure your hair will get back to 100% the way it was before (unless you grow it all out again, & endure having your roots show). But one thing people from my culture have been using for hundreds of years to get hair shiny again is olive oil- shampoo actually strips all the essential oils out of our hair, which isn’t good because you still need SOME oil in there!

    Anyway, just heat a little bit up in the microwave, then massage it into your hair & scalp. Leave it in for as long as desired (some only do so for a couple of hours, but the longer the better so I leave it overnight lol!) & then wash out as normal in the shower (with shampoo etc).

    You’ll feel the difference immediately, AND it’s all 100% natural! =D Do it at least twice a week to see long-lasting results!

    Hope this helps! =]

    PS-I read manymanymany as mammary for some reason, lol.

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    it looks great! but i know the dilemma you are in far too well. so much of my hair pretty much snapped off after i bleached it. there are still patches of it that are only about 2 inches long! i recommend loreal nature’s therapy. it comes in a yellow tub with green lid. it makes your hair feel soooo soft and nice.

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    Ahhh! your hair looks amazing, I can only imagine how you must feel with it. Your hair takes a while to dry now because of how porous it has become. As for the way it feels just try to deep condition your hair once or twice a week.

  4. Stephanie
    Posted September 17, 2012 at 11:29 pm | Permalink

    I have a platinum pixie so I know what you’re going through. Some things I do:

    I only bleach the regrowth and I never use 40 volume developer; only 30 and then 20 the second go. I have thick dark hair so I need extra lightening power.

    I just used a cheap protein treatment I found at Sally’s Beauty Supply. It was around $3 and is called Aphogee.

    I keep heat styling to a minimum and use a heat protection spray when I do use my blow dryer or flat iron.

    If all else fails, go to your salon and ask them to do a protein treatment, but it’s probably cheaper and almost, if not as, effective to do it yourself once or twice a month. (depends on the treatment, be careful not to over-proteinize the hair.

    Hope it helps!

  5. Stephanie
    Posted September 17, 2012 at 11:30 pm | Permalink

    Oh yeah, beauty schools can be a great cheap place to get a good protein treatment!

  6. Anna
    Posted September 24, 2012 at 10:19 am | Permalink

    I use olive oil on my hair, just brush it through (so it doesn’t get greasy) at night. The next morning, it should feel less fried and look a lot healthier!

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    love the boots!!

  8. Posted October 1, 2012 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    great punky girl!!!!!
    love the pattern style……!!!

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