c) dressing like a girl

I have a couple of different gears in which I exercise my dressing mentality: a) trying hard and b) not trying at all.
Although I post a little bit of both on this blog, I rarely choose document the in-between days in which I decide to ~live a little~ and dress like a normal girl. Clearly, Wednesday was one of those rare and spontaneous days.

I’m super behind on my posts because this past week has been weirdly stressful and emotionally draining. With a plethora of things happening, (yes, that includes Kastor & Pollux’s fall jewelry), my sleeping patterns have been off and I’ve been sadly surviving on caffeine and sugar. I am a great example of someone who constantly maintains a *healthy lifestyle*, I know.

Speaking of sugar, (I am so good at segues!!!), this dress from Sugarlips is sweet. You guys are way too good at bringing me one step closer to looking less disheveled than I actually am :’)

Aritzia blazer, Sugarlips dress buy here), Vintage belt, “Arthur” shoes c/o Messeca

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  1. Posted October 1, 2012 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

    you are sooooo cute!!!!
    your shirt is great and the shoes too..

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